So, my second blog post has been a bit delayed but it’s finally here.

With the redundancies slowly happening at work and people starting to job hunt, it has reminded me of how many hoops we all have to jump through for job interviews. Thankfully my last full interview was just over 7 years ago, ironically for the job I did eventually get, although my daughter decided that would also be the day she wanted to be born on…

One joy of working in the technology area is the over use of acronyms and let’s face it you’re expected to know what they stand for, and in some cases, know what the acronym of the acronym means. A person at work had an interview where he was asked if he did SOLID. Now as an IT developer I’m use to following the SOLID principles and use it all the time, almost like breathing and typing, but ask me what each letter stands for and to be honest I’d just have to Google it. In many respects I wonder as a developer these days if it’s more about knowing you can solve a problem and what to Google to then put the pieces together (and fix the odd bug).

Thankfully I’ve got a bit more time before I have to start the job hunting and getting interviewed again, I’m kind of looking forward to it, new challenges and all that and a chance to move my life forward. Before that I’ll have to do some studying and remember what all those acronyms all stand for again (and do the inevitable “oh that, I remember” in my mind).

I’m hoping my next blog won’t have as big a gap as this one did and hopefully some more content.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the title of this posts acronyms stands for “Too Many Acronyms – Three Letter Acronyms”.

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